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Life Insurance: What Should You Consider?

Life Insurance: What Should You Consider?

If you’re new to getting life insurance in Minnesota, you probably feel overwhelmed by the number of available insurances and policies. That’s understandable. But don’t worry, Safechoice Insurance Agency is here to help. Before you buy life insurance, here are the main things you should consider:

  • Insurance Type

    There are two basic types of life insurance – term and permanent. Term life insurance pays a benefit only for a specific period. This can range from a 5-year term to a 30-year term. Permanent life insurance, on the other hand, lasts for as long as you live. It’s more expensive than term policies and usually provides more benefits.

    Choose term insurance if you want something more affordable or if you only need it to replace income over a certain period. If you have lifelong dependents or if you want some return of investments, you’re better off with permanent life insurance.

  • Coverage and Objective

    In choosing life insurance, you should consider your debt, income replacement, and burial costs. You should also take into consideration your beneficiaries. How many are your dependents? Do you want to fund their education? Or do you want the insurance to fund for childcare?

    Needless to say, determining your coverage also coincides in determining your objective. What’s your purpose of needing life insurance? Is it to fund your financial obligations for your family? Or is it for something else? Think hard about that before committing.

If you’re having trouble deciding, you talk to a financial advisor. You can also inquire at an Insurance agency in Rochester, Minnesota.

As a trusted independent insurance agency, we can also provide advice. Call us!

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