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Homeowners Insurance: What It Covers

Homeowners Insurance: What It Covers

By talking to an insurance agent or going to an insurance agency in Rochester, Minnesota, you will understand that homeowner’s insurance is a form of financial protection you can avail when your home or personal belongings have been damaged due to certain perils. These perils include fire, theft, hail, flood, earthquake, or accidental damage made by your visitors. Not only that, but this policy can also protect you in case a visitor gets injured within the insured property and decides to sue.

When getting a homeowner’s insurance in Minnesota, understand what specific coverages you can enjoy. Dwelling protection is just one of the basic coverages to expect. This will cover the structure where you typically live in, including the roof, wall, and foundation. If there are attached garage or deck, the policy can also cover them.

If you have a detached garage, the policy can cover that, too. This is because the policy will provide coverage for other structures that are within your property but are separate from the place you are actually living in.

The policy will also cover the personal belongings you have within the insured property. Pieces of Furniture that were stolen or damaged by fire can be replaced or repaired with the help of the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Liability protection is in place, too. A mishap may occur, which causes a guest to get injured while visiting your home. The liability protection can cover legal expenses incurred in such situations.

Safechoice Insurance Agency will provide you with detailed information about a homeowner’s insurance policy. As an independent insurance agency, we are happy to answer all your insurance inquiries. Give us a call to know more.

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