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Here Are Reasons You Should Get Toy Insurance


Are you a proud owner of a yacht, a motorcycle, an ATV, or perhaps an RV, too?

You may not have thought about getting insurance in Minnesota for them or even thought that was possible in the first place.

But as any insurance agency in Rochester, Minnesota would tell you, whatever recreational toy you have you must make sure to fully protect.

Here are among the most important reasons for this. These are also the reasons we tell our own clients as independent insurance agency at Safechoice Insurance Agency why:

  • Your toys are expensive.
    …and so are the upkeep, maintenance, monthly check-ups, and customizations, among others. Without insurance, you can say goodbye to all the investments you’ve made in your precious collections.
  • Accidents are more common than you think
    Driving a motorcycle, for instance, is very different than having any four-wheeled vehicle. You must be attuned both physically and mentally in a certain way to drive one. Not to mention, motorcycles naturally face more hazards and elements on the road than a closed vehicle.
  • There are more risks today
    Today you don’t only need to contend with thefts and other causes of loss, but you also have to consider the climate crisis that accelerates the natural causes of losses such as fires, floods, and natural disasters.
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