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Do You Need Burial Insurance?

Do You Need Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance in Minnesota can be a good alternative to life insurance. It essentially serves the same purpose wherein it provides your family with a reliable financial cushion upon your death. This can help pay off them pay off funeral charges and burial expenses.

Often, these policies begin at $1000 and max out at $25,000. However, several insurance providers offer up to $50,000 coverage.

Is it worth it?

Like all things, burial policies have pros and cons that should be carefully considered by any customer before approaching an insurance agency in Rochester, Minnesota.

For instance, we’ve mentioned before that burial insurance can give your loved one peace of mind and ease any financial burdens on your family after your death. Besides that, however, burial insurance also doesn’t require you to get a physical/medical exam, so it’s a good option for buyers with pre-existing conditions that may prevent them from getting their desired policy from a prospective independent insurance agency.

On the other hand, burial insurance can be a little more expensive than your typical life insurance policy. Furthermore, most policies have a two-year waiting period on their fine print. In other words, should a policyholder die of natural causes before these two years are up, their beneficiaries won’t receive a full payout.

At Safechoice Insurance Agency, it is our mission to help clients find the insurance policy that is most suitable to their needs and situation. If you wish to speak with one of our agents, please don’t hesitate to contact us, today!

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